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  1. Ok. Thanks johnson4.... I have two 4900's and a 4800. Will be trying to convert one of the 4900 soon. Always appreciate your help, advice and insight. MJ
  2. I was wondering about the layout you used for your inks. I saw in one of your posts that you'll be using a CMYKWW setup. Does this means you'll only be using the 6 slots on the left? if so, what will you have in the slots on the right. Also, I notice some of these new printers (mostly the chinese models) also have LM & LC inks. Will these work in the P5000 as well. Thanks as always for your help and advice.
  3. Hello Andy, I hope it’s ok to post this link to this article here…. https://www.largeformatreview.com/hardware/wide-format-print/mutoh-emea-sts-europe-join-forces-for-direct-to-film-project RJ
  4. I was kinda surprised a few months ago to find a one year old video of a company in Europe promoting DTF printing using the F2100. Couldn’t understand a word they were saying, but the settings they used were visible so I tried it and it worked perfectly.
  5. Yes, I’m using the DTG inks. I know the inks have improved since I last purchased some. I should be purchasing some of the newer inks available in a few weeks once my cartridges arrive and I flush this printer out and have it ready.
  6. Yes….that’s the inks I’m still using. I’ll probably sell the old printer (R3000), as I just got a 4800 that I’m about to try and convert, so I’ll definitely be purchasing new inks soon. My big worry tho are the films as I couldn’t understand why they worked almost perfect with the F2100, but not with the R3000. I’ve been told that the best, most consistent PET films in the transfer industry ARE actually made in Europe, but I don’t know if anyone here in the USA are selling films from Europe..
  7. That’s what had me wondering…..because I have been unable to get any decent print on a converted DTF printer, The colors vary with each print and the white prints are sometimes really good and 2 or 3 prints later….really bad. On top of which, the prints feel like thick paper. I’m still using inks from probably the first time DTF inks came on the market…. BUT….. then I use the same film on the Epson F2100 and the colors come out amazingly bright and the white is 99% perfect. Prints are soft to the touch….so I’ve been using the F2100 for my sellable DTF printing. So basically, ink quality can be easily identified and maintained, but the quality/grade of films will remain touch and go.
  8. Just out of curiosity…. 1. Are the USA made DTF inks of better quality than the inks imported from China? 2. Does any specific brand of ink works better in different Epson printer models? 3. Are all the PET Films on the market the same quality…..or does print quality on these films vary based on ink manufacturer, film type/grade/quality and/or printer models. Just a few questions that floats by me now and then…. RJ
  9. Hello, im about to flush out the OEM inks from an Epson 4800. Can I use distilled water for this as well or do I hve to use special cleaning or flushing solutions for this. Thanks…
  10. Hello, There’s a new RIP available for certain converted Epson DTF printers. Will be checking it out over the next few days once I get it set up.... http://www.iproofsystems.com/DTG/downloads/PowerRIP_DTFv6.zip RJ
  11. I’m having an issue with my Epson R3000 printer. My ink are set up as YWWMCWWK with MK slot containing cleaning solution. When printing however, the K ink channel (PK slot) leaves a lot of ink streaks and blobs of black ink on the film. I switched the black to the MK slot and set the driver to print using the MK channel which prints clean without issues,....but when I send a job to the printer from the RIP, it automatically switches back to the PK channel. Is there a way to fix this?
  12. New Epson EcoTank printer. https://epson.com/For-Work/Printers/Inkjet/-EcoTank-Photo-ET-8550-All-in-One-Wide-format-Supertank-Printer/p/C11CJ21201 Would this work for DTF?
  13. I realized that’s what they did with the ink config.... I’m gonna have to do that. It’s really more the hassle than the money. I do keep an extra set of cartridges around so I’ll have to dig em out again. I was really hoping they would add that config option to the software and save me the trouble.....
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