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  1. Hi, i try to print every latest third day, but the white ink is clogging every time and I must cleaning the headprint... isn‘t there just any circulate system for the epson printers (for refill cartridges) to circulate the white ink..? Greets, Timo
  2. Ok... Whats your setup in „ink channel“ with only 2 white cartridges? KWWCMLcLmY? I use the WWWW+KCMY... For what is the „white channel setting“? (there are all 8 Channels still setting on now)
  3. Hey, how high have you Set the ink limits on AcroRip? i‘m trying with 20% ink limit cmyk and 20% wwww on the epson p800 and I think there is still a lot of ink on the film...
  4. I got it! It’s running now 👍🏼🙂 i hadn‘t installed the epson printer software yet. But now it works! so far I had only let the printer run on the usb...
  5. Hey, i‘ve now installed AcroRip and want to print my first sheet, but the P800 doesn‘t react although the printer is displayed in the printer list... Acrorip shows it will print now, send the files off, but the printer does not print... And the page margin doesn‘t initialize when i press the button... (with photoshop the printer perfectly works) Someone has an idea..? Thanks a lot!
  6. How are you going to change the original inks to the dtf inks? Put in the refill-cartridges with cleaning solution and rins through a part of time before you fill in the dtf-inks? Or what’s you‘re going on?
  7. Ok 👍🏼 Theoratically I can use distilled water too, when there is no really function?
  8. Yes, matte black- you‘re right, it changes the cartridges to print. @johnson4- the filled cartridge no. 9 with your cleaning solution, is it working, this fulfills it’s purpose? Do you use this then? (I hope you can understand my translation an you know what I mean...)
  9. No, i haven‘t bought any cleaning solution yet. I must look for it here in Germany, unfortunately the shipping costs are too expensive...
  10. Hey, i will get my order next week and i‘m curious for that. What cleaning Solution i have to take for the ninth cartridge on the p800? is it „normal“ cleaning solution for nozzles/ printheads? thanks a lot!
  11. Hey, whats the difference between the Epson P600 & P400?
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