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  1. Those who really want to purchase the code contact me on email my id is mr.charter1400@gmail.com
  2. Those who really want to purchase they can email me , code is not available for sale board price 300$ including wiring,motors etc except uv lamp please note mr.charter1400@gmail.com
  3. Problem is with your white in circulation system, try to keep it off and then print
  4. It didn't fit very strongly you can use some super glue at the edges
  5. Just plug into that rubber boot adding a bit of superglue will make it more durable Gravity feed system means keep the ink above the cartridge level so inks stay present always till the inlet of the damper In short make a siphon flow
  6. So if anyone want to convert XP-15000 to industrial roll to roll machine same as xp600 chinese printer i have conversion kit available(currently only for USA) what you will get 1.Controll board to emulate all the sensor 2.pump assembly for ACSAP autoclean system after each print to get very accurate prints everytime 3.touch screen controll display 4.smps 12v to power the board Features of Controll board 1.auto ink reset(chipless firmware is required) printer will not show your carts runout after few print which is the bug of chipless firmware 2.supports roll and sheets as well just need to change mode from display 3.can do headclean when the roll is loaded inside the printer it will not eject it out 4.12v port for auto roll unwinding and sensor 5.cut media feature for roll printing 6.load media feature to load the sheet inside 7.foward backward buttons on display to move media forward or backwards 8.setting can be adjusted from display like cut distance , move speed etc. To align it with your setup 9.timer 12v port for white ink stirrer motor How to install Installation is very easy remove the side lead of printer so you can access motherboard connectors just remove the original cables and plug cables coming out from control board Price 300$ 250ml Bulk in system with wims addon +150$
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