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  1. I hope whoever sees this reads my whole post because on all of the Facebook groups, they seem to ignore everything and just keep telling me "humidity" or "bad film". I'm basically getting white overspray around my prints. Attached has no powder on it. This is how it looked straight out of the printer. - I use an XP-15000 - an older and brand new one still have this problem - humidity is around 50% consistently. This happens in other humidity levels anywhere from 40% to 60%. - I've used 8 different films - from DTF Superstore and other well known suppliers. - I have NO semi transparent pixels. I make sure of this and it happens randomly to images I frequently print. - Running 2 head cleans seems to fix it temporarily, but begins happening again a few prints later. - Pressing twice SEEMS to look better but after washing the shirt, the excess powder shows and looks like a mess. - I currently use Cendale Inks from Amazon and I don't know if this is the main issue or not, I can't remember if I had this issue with other inks previously. If anyone has any idea what could be causing this, please help me out here.
  2. I just got the XP-15000 once again, after seeing many people troubleshoot the typical problems with clogging and all that. I have 2 minor issues that I need to figure out: 1. Nozzle checks - this seems really stupid but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do a nozzle check from the rear feed. The first day, it forced me to do it in the bottom casette. The next day, I put paper in the rear feed and when I did the check, it printed there. Now the third day, it's forcing me to use the bottom casette again. Anyone know if there's a setting to fix this? 2. Using Cadlink, A3 images are starting 1 inch from the top of the paper and 13x19 prints are starting 2.5 inches from the top. Anyone use Cadlink know how to fix this? In mine, all margins are set to 0 already.
  3. Shortly after my last reply, I had a huge paper jam that destroyed the printhead. I have no idea how it happened....I stepped away and came back a minute later to a nightmare. I think I'm done with this printer (3rd one and over @3500 wasted). I got an XP-15000 again that for some strange reason is printing much faster and much better quality than the P800. I got some minor issues to work out with it but if I can get it worked out, I'm already much happier with it.
  4. Before attempting to deciper your replies lol, I tried to do something someone suggested on one of the Facebook forums as a temporary solution since I've had an urgent order. They suggested swapping 1 white channel with the Cyan (I use Cadlink and that is easily done). Prior to swapping them, I ran a nozzle check and the LK (White) channel was perfect while the Cyan had half of the nozzles missing. After swapping them, the blues on my prints look much better (although let's just say 95% perfect). Now the strange thing is my new White channel (where Cyan was before) is starting to clear up, and the new Cyan channel (where white was before) is starting to show missing nozzle. To me, this has to mean something is wrong with the Cyan ink. I would never think White ink would start to clear up clogs. If anything, I expected it to get worse.
  5. It's crazy that after 2 years I still have these issues, and I take extreme care of these printers. I've had Cyan clogs on 3 separate P800s (half of nozzles missing on nozzle check). I searched and it seems to be a common problem with the P800 and cyan....so strange. The first 2 P800s, from the very beginning I could never get a solid blue using Cadlink (I use 1440x720 but even 1440x1440 gave me some banding on blues). The strange thing is 1 day suddenly on my second P800, it began printing a perfect solid blue. On my third P800...same thing. Banding on Cyan from the beginning. It stayed overall consistent until about a few weeks ago, then it got worse and worse 5-10 prints in before having to do a head clean. Then 1 day I was getting no Cyan at all. Here's what I've tried so far: 1. Daily - I keep it in 50% humidity. Run a headclean before every printing session. I do a headclean and manual cleaning, and also clean wiper blade and capping station every day when done printing. 2. When the cyan was completely lost, I thought it may have been the capping station. I took it apart and flushed it. Didn't work. 3. I removed the dampers, and did a flush and reverse flush with cleaner through the Cyan channel. When I put it back together, the cyan was 90% back but still banding and not a solid blue. A week later, back to running a head clean every 5-10 prints. 4. Changed the Cyan cartridge but didn't make any difference. I was told the dampers would be the problem....I seriously doubt this because again, it's Cyan on all of these printers and they were a problem from the very beginning. And flushing cleaner through the Cyan channel seemed to bring most of it back. So there seems to be just a reoccuring clog. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?
  6. The way they clip is why I don't see how it's possible. Removing the clip removes all of the rollers on the side...at least 4 inches in. Am I not seeing something?
  7. I've seen comments on here and on Facebook groups where people claim they leave the side rollers in to keep the film down and to be able to closer to the bottom of a sheet. Is this possible on the P800? The rollers are connected to pieces of plastic (about 4 inches wide) and I don't see a way of removing all of them except one.
  8. For now, it looks like my prints are acceptable...1 White channel is the biggest problem and increasing the percentage has been working so far.
  9. I am having a tough time finding a way to buy it direct from Epson. I’ll have to email them and see what they say.
  10. I basically ruined my P800 just 2 days after using it. It is VERY sensitive with how the exit tray needs to be. Any millimeter off seems to cause head strikes. It basically mangled the film and the printer kept printing and now 1 white channel has 90% missing nozzles, and some of the the other channels missing some nozzles throughout. I started looking online to find out what printhead is needed to replace it but I can’t figure out the exact one. When going to allprintheads.com, they have the P800 printhead part number as F196020. On Aliexpress, they have it as F196000. Then another website has it as F196030. How do I figure out exactly which one I actually need?
  11. The cleaning part I can confidently say I am doing 100% properly. The video you posted here: I cleaned even WAY more thoroughly than you did there just to make sure I wasn't screwing anything up. I always makee sure to clean the wiper blade to the point that it looked brand new, and also soak the capping station and get as much cleaner out of it as possible, where the sponges looked as white as it could possibly get. I spent about 15 minutes cleaning it all every night. The only thing I didn't do was clean under the printhead. When that first P400 began having the problem I'm describing, I got the second P400 and decided to try using the cleaning carts at the end of the day. Typically what I did with this second P400 when I finished printing was this: 1. Remove the ink cartridges and clean the nipples with cleaner - I used the Firebird cleaning solution because DTF Superstore was out. 2. Put the cleaning carts in, clean the wiper blade and capping station edges as much as possible. 3. Run an ink charge and while the pump was pulling the ink through the capping station, inject cleaning solution to clear up the sponges. 4. Once the ink charge was done, I'd clean the wiper blade and the capping station edges again. Then I'd run a Normal head clean. Again while this was done, I'd inject cleaning solution while the pump was pulling the ink. 5. Once that clean was done, I'd clean the wiper blade and capping station edges one last time, and then put a few drops of cleaning solution on each sponge. Then let the printhead park on it, leaving the printer on until I come in the next day. One thing I noticed with both of the P400s I had was it was the Orange channel that kept getting these recurring clogs. Also, after doing the ink flush and clean above, I noticed the bottom part of the wiper blade always had some ink on it. Even after doing an ink flush and 2 strong cleanings. Maybe it's just the gravity and the cleaning fluid mixed with the inks causing it to fall to the bottom (since this wiper blade folds in)? I don't know. I was never sure if this meant that the wiper blade was doing it's job properly or not. So the question I still have and can't figure out is how it's possible that a cleaning would clear up a clog, perfect nozzle check but then 5 prints later, clog comes right back. I mean if the nozzle check showed no clogs, and the first few prints were perfect, doesn't that mean the wiper blade and the capping station cleaned it properly? Could it be some dried ink inside the printhead that is grabbing onto new ink flowing through and causing a clog (like an icycle I guess....water flows but overtime the icycle becomes larger)? Today, I took apart the printhead once again....ran cleaner through everything. Here is a picture showing the nozzle checks and describing what I did both times after taking the printhead out: I will take pictures of the wiper blade/capping station tomorrow or Monday. I didn't see your post about that until now and I'm no longer by the printer for the day.
  12. I'm telling you guys....I am very dedicated to anything I try to learn, spending years if I have to to learn something. But these printers might be the first thing I ever have given up on lol. A year doing everything, trying different methods of cleaning/maintaining but I still have the SAME problems? It just blows my mind.
  13. Well that’s what I said in my post...that I made sure to clean it daily not missing 1 day. So why would I have any of these issues if I am doing that maintenance daily? The buildup that I saw was on the edges of the printhead...the aluminum metal thing surrounding the head. I never had headstrikes (that I was aware of) so I’m not sure how that ink even got there. Could this build up really somehow get in the way of the printer printing? Remember...when I do a head clean, the clogs are gone so the blade and capping station seem to be doing their job. The clogs just come back a few prints later.
  14. Long post ahead... I personally have had massive headaches with both of my P400s. Used DTF Superstore inks as my first set of inks in both. My main issue was that after exactly 1 month of use on both, I began to get clogs every 5-10 prints. Running head cleans cleared it up according to the nozzle checks, but then 5-10 prints later, once again clogs. To this day I haven’t figured out why this happens. I consistently ran maintenance on these, not missing 1 day: - Cleaned the wiper blade, capping station and the nipples above the printhead at the end of every print day - Used cleaning cartridges at the end of the print day and flushed all of the think out (ink flush and then a head clean...maybe I needed to do more? I have no idea) - printed and kept the printer daily at a controlled 55% humidity The only thing I didn’t do daily which a lot of people don’t recommend is cleaning under the printhead with a cloth/paper towel because it could scratch the surface of the printhead, but I began doing it after I continued to have problems but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Yesterday, I finally decided to take the printhead out and apart to see what could be going on. First, there was a ton of dried ink around the printhead (I don’t see how this could have caused issues though..it’s not like it was obstructing the nozzles on the printhead.) Second, the manifold seemed to have ink still in it even when running the cleaning cartridges at the end of every day. So the inks were not getting flushed out completely. But still, there are people, like @johnson4I believe, that don’t even run cleaning cartridges every day, so I’m just clueless how they don’t have these issues while I did on both of my P400s, while I was at least clearing out MOST of the inks every single day. It’s extremely frustrating that I haven’t figured this out after almost 8 months. After taking the printhead out, I did what most say is a bad idea to do: did the waterfall thing to clear out clogs. After putting the printhead back in, most clogs are gone but I still see some broken lines on the nozzle checks. We’ll see if that clears up and if the clog every 5-10 print thing happens now. I got my hands on a P800 and I’m hoping I don’t have these problems, but I am paranoid as hell to start using it after the issues I’ve had with the P400. @MiguelH Please keep us updated on how it goes for you. I’m really curious if you run into this clog issue. I don’t see too many people with a P400 to ask.
  15. Go to Queue, Manage Queues, and under Printer and Port, select the correct option from the dropdown. On mine, it's just the name of my printer. Cadlink support sucks...there's no way to contact them through email and every time I called, I left a voicemail. The lady that called back didn't seem to know how to fix the issues that I had. I've had better luck through online forums but still, there are things I can't figure out.
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