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Converting Epson R3000 to DTF

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1 hour ago, Terry said:

Not the flatbed but the output tray. I see some say a foam board.

You could use anything, foam board, wood, acrylic, steel, I mean that’s the part where you do whatever you want. 

I didn’t even need an output tray tho, the stock tray worked for me. 

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2 hours ago, Solarious said:

I have a question since I just bought a R3000.  How did you configure the ink when filling for dtf printing since there are 9 cartridges. I am brand new to this, so sorry if this is a silly question?

The 9th channel is empty/cleaner.

1-8 can be in any order, I’d check which order your RIP software requires. 


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1 hour ago, DavidNarro said:

Hello Johnson4 So if in the RIP Software I selected the YWWMCWWK

I need to Put in the next position the Inks

1 Yellow

2 White

3 White

4 Magenta

5 Cyan

6 White

7 White

8 Black

9 Could be Empty? 

I believe that is correct. They only have 8 channels, so I put cleaner in the 9th, or “matte” color. 

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10 minutes ago, DavidNarro said:

I got a problem with the yellow ink. The printer dosent print this color I traied cleaning the head several times and check the noizzes but the yellow not appear

Someone of you has had this problem?

The printer is an epson R3000

Did you make sure the air vent on the cartridge is open, and did it work before the conversion? 

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19 minutes ago, DavidNarro said:

Yes it is open and I bougth it used :( Im no sure that it was working


It’s a good idea to check before converting a used printer, could be a bad damper, bad printhead, clogged ink bay, or a bad cartridge. If you bought it without ink installed, it probably has some sort of issue since it’s no longer a sealed system- depending on how long and what kind of environment it sat in exposed. 

if it had been worked on or disassembled, I have also seen improperly seated printhead cables cause one channel to not work. 

If it’s not new or refurbished, I always check functionality  and flush the ink lines with cleaner.

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Hi I purchased a used Epson R3000 converted to DTF. My problem is I have a warning that states the ink cartridge cover is open. My in cartridges are the large ones so if I did have a cover it wouldn’t close. Any advise on how to move beyond this warning?

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You need to shove something into the switch so the printer thinks the cover is closed. I used a plastic cleaning swab, just the right size. The switch is in a little hole on the front right hand side of the ink cartridges.

You'll need to put something in the main lid switch as well, I used an electrical block connector as that was the right size to move that switch so the cover appears closed.

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