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Epson stylus 3880 pro vs Epson r 2000

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5 hours ago, Zigotti said:

If I find out how to do it. I may post a guide.

I don’t think the 3880 has Chipless support, or one pass cmyk/color. So no, I don’t believe it will work for DTF for those reasons. 

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2 hours ago, Ikegwegbe said:

Is does have one pass but does not have chipless support


You would want Chipless/ ARC chips, unless you have a very large amount of OEM chips to burn. 

it’s cheaper to just start out the right way with a correct printer, someone else did this, and also turned around and bought a new printer instead. 

he had an issue finding single pass cmyk+white for it, which is why I said that. 

but it’s possible and would work if your fine with the oem chips or a decoder.

I know a p400 can cost you around $500, a p800 can cost you between $200-$500 and a p600, is hard to come by and I don’t recommend it due to the costs now. Used or not, doesn’t matter. I always check and buy them when they are cheaper, I hear a lot of stories of people getting them cheap locally due to the new p700/p900 photo printers, so naturally those people will upgrade and sell the old one.

basically any Epson 6-9 color printer with Chipless, or ARC ( auto reset chips) available and RIP support from Acrorip/EKprint/Kothari will work. It will just vary in speed, based on the specs. 

good luck! 

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On 1/8/2021 at 12:41 PM, Ikegwegbe said:

Is does have one pass but does not have chipless support


I got 2 refurbished Epson 3800 sitting in my garage, whating for work and they both have working ARC-chip installed. The Epson 3880 uses the same ink cartridges as the 3800, so to my knowledge there is ARC-chip solutions for the 3880 avalible.

I got mine a couple of years ago on Alibaba, and a quick search showes that suppliers still offer ARC solutions for the 3880

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