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AcroRip 9.03 vs. EK Print Studio RIP for Epson P800 and Output Tray Question

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Hi Guys,

I am just getting ready to build out my P800. I purchased AcroRip 9.03, but have read on this forum that some people are using EK Print Studio Rip. Curious which you think I should use and why? Or do I really need Kothari? I am planning on using transfer film rolls if that makes a difference.

And what is the best way to build an output tray? Is there one available on the market or is there a video tutorial on how to make one?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all those that celebrate it...


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I use EKprint because it’s simple, quick and efficient. Acro rip, I don’t like. I wasted a couple months using it and just outright hating my investments. Some people like it and get good results, I never did. The color settings were hard to get right, it took forever to process the image when printing, among other limited settings and the fact they are all pirated. I  Went with EKprint, and can run 4 printers at the same time, make my own platen sizes. For me anyway, EKprint was super easy to understand, has minimal adjustments to get a decent print all around and I can print on the fly very quickly. 

kothari, has like the “ masters degree” amount of adjustments and can be overwhelming, if not a bit tedious in a high production environment. This amount of settings makes it hard to “diagnose” any settings issues as well, which you will encounter trying to adjust things right. Personally I feel even the “ basic” stuff is more complicated than it needs to be with kothari. That plus the price tag made it a hard choice but people spoke highly of it. It may be worth it for dtg with ink savings and fine tuning, I just don’t think dtf will need that. If kothari had a better Support system , and had one on one support, ( in the moment when you need it) I’d probably buy it for dtg. But in my opinion, a well executed program should need little intervention to learn the basics, but time after time I see questions on how to use it with little detailed responses. 

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5 hours ago, Sandor said:

I trying To print EK print studio but quality terrible

Sounds like you have bigger issues my friend, I’ve used EKprint for 3 years and it does better than acro, and just as good as anything else for a fraction of the cost. 


good luck, it’s all in your experience or lack therof.

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Hey guys, 

Recently I'm having trouble with EKPrint, 

I'm trying to print a design that contains in some parts really fine white lines and because of the choke  the printer is not printing them and when I reduce or disable the choke the white under base just come out of the design. 

Does anybody know how solve this problem? 

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