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diy uv slow down in middle of print


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Hi, sorry for my english, i have a problem, my diy uv printer slow down in middle of printing, i tried changing the cr motor, to reset the cr motor heat protection in adjprog,tried, changing usb cable and usb ports, but nothing helps.. anybody have any idea or may my system is to old for acrorip and the printing? i have 4 gb ddr3 ram and i3 cpu ..

i waiting for answers thanks :D

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It is not the problem of CR motor , Main board , UV led  or anything else.Sometime resetting CR motor heat protection may work or may not.

Due to load of ink pipes and drag chain on CR motor, it consumes more current causes printer main board to predict that it is heating high.CR motor temperature is just prediction by Epson main board based on it's current consumption.

I my self suffered from similar problem and change CR motor Main board etc but not got any solution.

I have seen one amplifier adaptor like device on aliexpress. Which takes signal input from CR motor and drives CR motor from external power supply.It simply make Epson main board fool that motor is not consuming high current and feeds current to motor from external supply.


Use that adaptor and your will solve.

Image attached.Non promotional just for help.


Greetings from India



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