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Finaly I got my first DTF prints done

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Yesterday I finaly got the last things I ordered from China delivered, so today I started experimenting with DTF-printouts. Since this is just a "test spin" to see how my customers here in Sweden react to DTF-transfers I´m only using a L1800 with AcroRip for now.

My first print was a parrot with my companylogo and that turned out great at the first print. I first traced the parrotphoto in Photoshop, imported the result in Illustrator and placed my vectorbased logo on top of the parrot, saved the result as PDF, (the print looks a lot better IRL than on the photo).

My second print was a bit more tricky. First I prepared the print the same way as I did with the parrot, but by doing so the print came out of the printer without the white letters around the boat. Hmmm, now what? - Well I imported the original Illustratorfile in Photoshop and saved it as a PSD-file. Opend it in AcroRip, made my settings, and printed. The print came out perfect.

I also did some testprints with .jpg and .png files, but they didn´t print out as well as the Illustrator and Photoshop files.



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