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DTFsuperstore mini shaker

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Just starting a post about the DTF mini shaker. 

I have had it since Friday, but have had to wait to really get to testing it. This post will just be my experience with it, updated with photos and possibly video. I plan to use it with the XP-15000, if that printer fails, a p400 will take its place. 


Upon receiving the unit, I found a relay had fallen out during transit, no big deal and simple enough to put back in place. While I was in there, I noticed very high quality wiring, relays and power supply. a neat job all around. 

The coils heat evenly, and the thermostat has a ton of great features, including C or F settings, and auto learn. The unit comes with an extra relay in the box. 


the front panel is in Chinese, but simple enough to make a label in English for it, or just know what they are by using it. 

those of you that want to use this on a standard 110V 15A outlet, it worked for me with the included adapter, seems to not actually use that much amperage, I’ll check that later also with a meter. Basically, it works fine with the included adapter, No special wiring needed. 

it will handle 13” film, and the film paper tubes fit right on the automatic take up roller. 

one thing I will say, I am making some light modifications to fit my needs, given I’ve already “ built” one like it.  These are NOT NECESSARY, I’m just weird and do weird things. 

1. the hopper, I want to get away from hovering, so I added to the hopper to make it hold more powder. It may have never been an issue, but a very easy job to expand it. It should hold roughly 5lbs now. 

2. I changed the plug to a US standard nema 6-15 plug (220V, 15A) . It still works perfectly fine with the included power adapter to work on 110V. This is not necessary. 
 I did this because I do have a 220V outlet I plan to use it with in the future.  THIS IS NOT NEEDED, I just wanted to do this. 

3. a mounting bracket on the back to hold the printer, film etc. again, not necessary. 

That’s it so far, none of which is necessary for the unit to work, I’m just pointing it out because you will see these differences in my photos and videos. 


overall, I expect the unit to work just fine, and is an excellent alternative to the larger machines. I was going to build a 2nd “machine” but this was just too awesome to pass up. 

more updates to come. 

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So I didn’t get to mess with it as much as I had hoped, due to previous obligations. 

however, I did print 25 prints on it, works great! The only thing is trying to dial in the temperature for curing, still working on that. I’m glad I added to the powder hopper. 

I did the test with the Xp-15000. I can comfortably say it will work as well for roll printing, that’s what I used with it. It’s not my go-to, but will work great as a backup unit. Just don’t be like me and stack the ciss tank on 3 very unstable things, it fell twice, ink everywhere lol. It would be nice if it had come with a printer rack on the back, but I’ll add one. 

all in all, I’m going to see if I can buy a 2nd one and retire my cart build, after I get the temperature down. I’ll get the photos of it running another time, I just didn’t have the time I wanted to dig into it. BUT as of now, I highly recommend the mini shaker. 

it works identical to my cart build, minus the auto powdering, and I’ve been using the cart build for months. 

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