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Roll paper turnig forever

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Hi everyone, i Try to convert l805 dtf printer.

İ am using cadlink digital factory for dtf printing it has roll printing option but whenever printing finish printer nonstop feeding roll paper up to finish all roll paper unless plug it out 😅 

İ want to ask that do i have to make some other regulations to print on roll paper? Could anyone can explain me?🙏

Finally i want to make my machine always feeded whenever i press print Button it will print and after printing it stop and dont Try to get rid of feeded film.after i cut printed paper than i can print another design.

Not.Sorry for bad English. İ hope  explained myself well enough 😢

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3 hours ago, johnson4 said:

Your asking for it to roll print, I don’t know if the l805 natively roll prints, it doesn’t sound like it. I’d look around on how to make it roll print, seems like a ton of information exists. 

Thanks for your reply, i think it is same with l1800 except its width.

İ saw some videos doing it.



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