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Hello! Does anyone know if OCBESTJET UV ink is good? Has anyone used it? I'm seeing it on Aliexpress and it has a good price. Let me know if anyone has had experience with it or has any other UV ink brand to recommend. Thanks.


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I used this company DTG ink, cmyk of normal quality, white is just water! I fought with them for two months and did not achieve anything! I just got them to change the shelf life from 12 months to 6 months. I would not recommend you to buy anything from this company.

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16 minutes ago, uhim said:

Here is a photo of this white ink, the R3000 printer went through three passes. Near kodak, just smeared.


That’s terrible. 

i used to buy parts from them, until I realized they were overpriced. Not really a con though, rather a bad decision on my part. The film they sell for DTF is twice the price of what I use for example.

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12 ore fa, johnson4 ha detto:

È terribile. 

compravo pezzi da loro, finché non mi sono reso conto che erano troppo cari. Non proprio una truffa però, piuttosto una cattiva decisione da parte mia. Il film che vendono per DTF costa il doppio di quello che uso io, per esempio.

100 fogli A3 a 60 euro... sono 0,60 cent a foglio, mi sembra un buon prezzo, mi diresti dove posso trovarlo a meno?


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