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24 minutes ago, PAPA WHEELIE said:

Can this printer be used for DTF? Anyone

please, trying to create some income to help me and my family.

I think that’s what we are all doing, trying to anyway. 

Since you are asking this question, I’m going to assume you haven’t done a ton of research on the topic. It’s a pretty important aspect to get started correctly so you can set yourself up to succeed. quite a bit of information is already out there including the answer to your question, and what I’m going to say below.

To know if a printer is compatible for conversion:

1. Does a decent RIP software out there support it?

2. Does it have a ARC ( auto reset chips) or Chipless firmware ( doesn’t need ink chips) available for the printer?

3. Availability of aftermarket ink cartridges for use with DTF inks. 

4. Does it need a software to reset the maintenance pad, or is it replaceable? If it’s replaceable, does it have a chip resetter? 

5. Is the printer a popular model? Does it have multiple users across the world to ask for advice? If not, do you have the experience or motivation to figure it out on your own? If not- pay a bit more for a popular well documented model.

6. Do you have the funds to spend 4X the anticipated costs, and enough time to spend 4X the anticipated time?

7. Do you have a space to safely operate and vent the toxic fumes and powder?


if you answered no to any single one of 1-7, then no, it will not work. 

good luck- we all need it. 


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48 minutes ago, PAPA WHEELIE said:

Can this printer be used for DTF? Anyone

please, trying to create some income to help me and my family.

Here are the top used models:

surecolor p800, typical cost of $800-$1500( and it’s old revisions like the 3880) 

surecolor p600 typical cost of $700-$1800 (and it’s old revisions like R3000) 

surecolor p400 ( and it’s old revisions, like the R2000,R2400) these run anywhere from $600-$1200

Xp-15000 are generally available for $350

some really slow options are:

artisan 1430


and a few others- if and when you find them for sale.

doesn’t mean others will not work, but the above list mentions the requirements. The conversion is insanely simple- so if you’ve got 1-7, then you’ve got an opportunity. 

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