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DTF Shirts Washing out after one wash

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Well, Since it's black i'm going to assume it's probably not enough ink. Without a white underbase, you need a considerable amount of CMYK for the powder to stick to, in return to stick to the shirt. Fortunately, Black usually is a composite of CMY, Depending on your rip.

Normally, the white underbase acts as an " adhesive' layer as well as a white underbase, a nice uniform layer of ink for the powder to stick to. With BLACK, It's kind of the same way, except it needs more ink. Over time, My white/cmyk prints are SOFTER than DTG, due to fine tuning the ink percentages-lowest I can go without what you are describing above. However, BLACK only tends to be thicker, since it's required to have a decent layer of ink. If not, you get washouts. This is why the Black prints from DTG are far superior to DTF and hardly comparable. The powder needs to sit on and slightly "embed" into the wet ink before curing. If there isn't enough ink, It will usually transfer fine, sometimes it's a little spotty, But when washed, it'll come right off in those spots of poor adhesion. In the end though, Testing is your friend. More ink, less ink, more time, less, higher, lower temperatures, etc. Have you tried any of those things yet?

If not, Try increasing your ink percentage 5-10 percent, depending on the program you are using. 


As for heat, I seriously doubt it. I have straight up taken a wet print, powdered it, and pressed it on a shirt and it worked out totally fine- minus the ability to realign it and adding a few seconds to also dry the ink out. Washes just like the rest of them, neither have started to deteriorate, maybe long terms, like hundreds of washes it might- but for the time being they appear to be the same in quality. 

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