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New refurbished p400 and p800 for sale. Opendtg DTG printer and DTF printers for sale.

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I have 1 new Epson refurbished p400 still under Epson warranty, and one new Epson p800 for sale. You’ll be hard pressed to find these anywhere. 

if pickup in southern Ohio and paid with cash I would discount - just PM me. 

otherwise, it’s $1400 for the p400 with shipping comes with oem ink. $2000 for the p800 with shipping doesn’t come with oem ink.


these are the last two I will ever have. I have sold several of each of these models without issues. I have sold two of them very recently and they are happy with them. 

 USA only, PayPal friends and family only if shipping. I’m not going to deal with chargebacks or whatever else people do these days. All sales are final. In person is preferred, so you and I both can be inspect our transaction. If I know you I’ll cut you a deal. If you mess up the printer conversion that’s on you. They work, and I can prove that with cleaning solution if requested. I will not load ink under any circumstances. They are new after all. I CAN convert them to complete DTF and offer a bundle, at a very reasonable discounted price. I can help out, but at this price you are not paying for support so I will not hold your hand. 

I also have one used opendtg p600 DTG printer. Works good, used but completely flushed. Will print nozzle checks with cleaner. $1,000 obo plus shipping. Printer only, no base. 

I also have a knight 8 printer, needs a printhead. Based on the R2400. $1,000 plus shipping. Uses DX5 printhead. 

If you don’t like the price, cool don’t comment. People are paying $3000+ for a converted l1800, which is a slow entry level printer. The p400/p800 can easily do 20 sq an hour cmykw or 40 sq ft an hour black/white. 

If interested in anything PM me. Once these are gone they are gone. 

Happy printing and stay safe!!


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