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Heat press machine for DTF

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8 hours ago, xmumicro said:

Any recommendation for heat press machine. I search many cheap on EBAY but dare not to buy them. Thank you!

I’ve had what seems like 100 different presses. 

im going to be honest, low and mid tier models will not come Close to high tier presses like stahl, hottronix, etc. 

the $200-$300 range ones, and I had about 10 of these- work decent enough, but usually have fatal flaws and all needed tinkered with within 6 months of normal/heavy use. All were replaced within the year due to severe platen warpage, or some kind of structural damage from heavy use. Even the $300-$400 auto open presses. 

the middle ground is in the $500-$800 range like from heatpressnation. They will exclude most functional issues. Wiring, warpage, all that crap is good. Structurally they are good as well, but designed cheaper. I have 4, with over 25,000 presses on them. I had to lock tight everything because all the nuts and bolts kept coming loose. After that, been perfect. I use the auto open feature. 


now, high tier $1000+ Heat presses are built extensively well and built to last. I see them 15 years old working like day one without any issue. To be honest, 90 percent of it you’ll say “ why the hell is this so thick and built like a tank. Is that really necessary”. 

so for the best “value” get a name brand press. 

for the best starter press, the mid tier, you’ll get a few years at least. 


low tier works good for 6-12 months usually. Build quality varies so some less, some much more. it’s an awesome intro if your on a budget and want to see where your business takes you, it’s a good option. But if you are certain you are going in strong, I’d go with a mid tier. If you have the money, and have established some need for it, high tier for sure. 

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