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1 hour ago, kcinnick said:

Wow, there is very little information out there about DIY ovens or even a mid range commercial 13X19 oven.  What are you using?  Did you build it?  

I am looking at a bunch of options, I just want to know what has worked, what hasn't worked.  

IF you look on the DTF facebook groups, there are people there who do this and have tested different countertop ovens. They must be vented, and it's hard to get an even cure with them. 


my DIY oven consisted of a Hood, with an adapter to connect an exhaust fan and a heat press ( the top heated plate) turned upside down and mounted. It cured and worked as a mini shaker/sheet curing oven for 6-8 months or so ( I don't honestly remember, it printed thousands of transfers for me for over 6 months for sure) without issue. 


IF you don't vent it, the fumes are toxic. The temperature needs to be even without excessive hot spots. This is about all I can advise on. 

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