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Test on polo shirt an polyester jacket

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Hello World!

I'm not really here to ask questions, rather to share an experience.
So, today I decided to give a try to small DTF prints on left chest of a polo shirt and a 100% polyester jacket.

Print was just fine: solid white on back, properly cured, and nice on font, This is the print on top of a blu sheet of paper to better see details:

And now to the press. THe polo shirt has a curious texture. Seeing it with a backlight you clearly see it has a lot of "holes" in it:

Fine. So, when I pressed one of my tests, this is the result:

Not ideal, indeed... although it might depend on the kind of effect you want.
I cannot be sure yet, but I suspect that with such kind of texture, perhaps less pressure should be applied when pressing. Visually talking, it's just like the glue did nothing where if fould holes, rather than "filling" them. Curious enough, no leftover of colors was found neither on the back of the shirt nor on the film. Guessing where the color meant to be on the holes went? :)
However, this is probably my main curiosity on this test: does anyone know if pressure strenght could be a factor with a texture like this? Or simply that's the best we can obtain as.. that's the texture?

Next in line is the test on polyester jacket. This is a closeup pic:

To make it even worst, I test by appying my DTF on top of an existing embroidered logo. :P:P:P You can see it ghosting on top.
You can see somehting similar in some way to the issue of the polo shirt. However, in this case the problem is not about the texture having "holes". I suspect it's simply because polyester has a lot of micro-wrinkles, but when heated it become as flat as it would be. So I'm afraid those cracks are literally the flattened wrinkles themselves.
Again, I think it might work with a different combo of temperature/pressure strenght, one day I'll eventually try.

So, that's all I have. I just wanted to share some experiment results. Have a great day!

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