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Epson XP-15000 first prints / new to DTF

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Hi all,

Thanx to this forum i got interested in DTF printing. My setup is a XP-15000 with chipless firmware and DTGRip 10.5. I have some questions about the DTGRip setup and/or the cardridges. My first prints look nice, but the colours are a bit washed out and the white is (semi) transparant.

The cardridge setup is K C M Y W, i have room for a second W cardridge, but for now it is not installed.

First print was with "default" settings, drop size mixed, resolution 720x1440. There was way to much inkt on the transfer and "droplets" where forming when the inkt dryed. I've played around with some settings and found out that, when i set the Inkt to these settings i get a nice result without "droplets":

White dot size: medium
Colour dot size: Small + medium

When i adjust the colour percentage in the colour menu i get slightly better colours, but the "droplets" are forming. It looks like there is a small balance between the percentage and droplet size, when i make the percentage higher, i need a smaller size. The colors (and white) change a litte, but still are a bit faded/transparent.

I am in a bit of a circle after reading articles over DTF printing and cannot find any clarification about the next questions;

- Is one white channel enough, or can i better install the second so a second "pass" will make the white less transparant?

- Does the resolution change anything about the forming of these droplets ?

- Does the sponge in my cardridge filter out some pigments ?

Any help is highly appreciated :-)

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