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Printing issue with Xp 15000

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Is this a new problem you're having with this printer and your RIP? Or are you having problems from the start? Which RIP? How are the colors off, and is it not putting down enough white, or not any? Nozzle checks good, I presume?

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1 hour ago, KESHACANDLES said:

Yes its a new problem I havent had a success with this printer yet.20220517_164252.thumb.jpg.2140e2b77f8b208cf497c2ccdb9e93f1.jpg20220517_164303.thumb.jpg.fa4dac6acb40bae689d21df98350729a.jpg

Banding and wrong resolution. Make sure you have a good nozzle check. 

it takes some practice, what program and settings are you using? 

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2 minutes ago, KESHACANDLES said:



Right- change it to 1440x1440. 

you also need to set the ink percentages for cmyk and white, the white pass to 1 and choose your underbase mode. 

Assuming you put the ink in correctly. Cmyk goes in cmyk- white goes in the red and gray.

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3 hours ago, KESHACANDLES said:

I just print the image colors are off but it was a success . One more question how do i do custom  table size 


Screenshot 2022-05-17 222157.png

for your ink order, the original spots marked CMYK- is that the same color for your DTF inks? white ink in gray and red?


Looks like you have clogged nozzles or something up with your cartridge.  I wouldn't print on them much like that it can cause permanent damage. 


It's not a push button situation, you'll have to fine tune your ink settings and learn the program before you really run into getting great colorful prints. Every printer is different, even the same model when it comes to ink percentages. After you get a good layer of both white and color, you then run into doing this same thing for your film, powder, curing. Once you do all that, hope your suppliers don't change, because you'll have to do it again to some degree when it does. 


As for the custom table size, have you tried reaching out to the place you purchased it from?

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