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Extraction Fan Recs

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5 hours ago, SilverSwan said:

Can anyone recommend an extraction fan or just point me in the direction of a fan and ducting suitable for the oven on a shaker machine please, its times like these i feel helpless lol

Just any speed adjustable 4” or 6” inline fan on Amazon will do. I chose flexible black ducting because my setup gets broke down and cleaned weekly, but you could do a hard tube if you wanted. 

just make sure to not run it straight up, you’ll get a lot of dripping if you do. I make a U trap before the fan on mine, I run 3 mini shakers on one 4” inline fan set at about 60 percent. 

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1 hour ago, TeedUp said:

Fume extractor not recommended for cost, air quality, or both? Or what level fume extractor is viable?

I mean, you are using a literal fan in a box with a carbon filter to filter out toxic fumes and recycle them back into the room you are in. 

The filters need changed often, mainly because you are curing a liquid and viscous drippings accumulate rather quickly. Once it’s “moist” it no longer allows airflow and just causes a mess and restricted flow. 

Carbon filters are good, but I’m not going to trust them with a humid/moist toxic vapor( along with the heat) being recirculating in the air i breathe. 

put it to you this way. I installed a 4” dryer vent and use a 4” speed adjustable inline fan. I made a U trap before the fan to catch the drippings. In 3 weeks I had enough collected to fill half a liter ink bottle. That was when I wasn’t all that busy. Now that fan has 3 shakers running on it and almost needs cleaned weekly, or else the 4” U will fill with fluid and stop working. 


the ingredients of the ink point to this fluid that evaporates and recollects as it cools is actually the same glycol that is used in anti freeze. Not the same “ type” literally the same poisonous if consumed fluid. It’s normal to use it for ink apparently. 


anyway- venting it outside with a trap to collect the fluid is what I went with. If I forget to turn my fan on even for a few minutes I’m going to be coughing for weeks( I don’t know if it’s the droplets of this poisonous fluid or what- but it sucks for quite awhile). Breathing in air with this fluid partially suspended before it cools entire and drops out( and gets in everything in the room) , it’s still consuming it in small amounts. 


so- I vote an external fan- cheaper, safer, less maintenance, less electric and cooling needed in the room. ( because too hot will also cause printer issues). I get it if that isn’t an option, but everyone has a window, and they sell or you can make a portable 4” inline fan and vent it out of the window and one of those dryer window adapters, or some other DIY adapter to block the rest of the window opening. Might take a few minutes to set up, but likely worth it. 

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