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Need full settings for ekprint using xp15000

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24 minutes ago, Customcreatives1 said:

Just want to make sure I am using correct settings. All of my ink is watery and mixing together what do I need to do for this? I’m doing full color images.

Depends, could be the film, ink, RIP settings and of course overall ink care and cart maintenance. 


Have you printed successfully before?

Do you shake your inks well daily?

Have you let the printer sit at all between printing?

What RIP are you using? 


Are some of the basic questions that would help point in the correct direction. Each RIP and printer will have different settings associated with proper output, and is something that needs learned how to adjust to get retail ready transfers, film, powder, ink and printer condition will all change these things as time progresses. Knowing when there is an adjustment needed and what to adjust is very important to being successful in the long term. While asking for basic settings is awesome, I'm simply recommending weeks of testing and learning the RIP you chose and the printer to get a hands on idea on what you need to do as things change within the setup. Running 3-4 machines daily, It's a rather important yet often overlooked aspect especially for newcomers to the process. While cadlink does do it's best to make it push button, DTF printing requires constant changes to keep everything tip-top as well as basic ingenuity to keep the machines working as parts fail.

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I second that. Have you printed successfully before, is this a new printer? When I first turned on my XP-15000 I never put in the stock carts. I just ran the new firmware to make it chipless and put in my refillable carts with DTF ink. The first print ran like crazy, I mean a puddle. I'm using CADLink, turned down the white a couple times and then it printed fine if not light on the white. When I was putting the carts in for the first time I noticed the area where the carts go was a little moist-ish almost oily. I think there was cleaner in there or something from the manuf process cause after those first prints I then went up even higher than default settings in CADLink for white. So it was something already in the print head that dilluted or made the ink run. After that it's always printed great. In CADLink, it's mostly stock settings, no change in color, max white is at 62%, Under black white is 60%, make sure you turn on all options in one menu or you can't see everything in properties. Make sure you change your printer mode to 1440 x 1440, this is in properties not the drop down menu on the main screen to the bottom right. That will always say 1440 x 720 unless you change the profile name, which I didn't.

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