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Audley Mini A3+ Shaker

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So I'm just making a little post to post replacement part numbers and such for the audley mini shaker. Generally this comes from needing to repair something that has failed, but not always. 



Bearing for the duster box-

P/N F6900ZZ its a 10X22X6 flanged bearing. 

Relay for the Heating elements ( which can also be used for the takeup wheel) 

Solid State Relay SSR-40DA DC to AC Input 3-32VDC To Output 24-480VAC 40A

Duster Bin Motor:

(Upgrade) using a much higher torque rated motor will allow it to last much longer:


Or you can use OEM quality duster bin motor:


It's a 24 volt eccentric 30 RPM motor. 6MM shaft. 


Sensor for takeup wheel: 

P/N E3F-DS30C4 


Power Supply ( for DC electronics like duster/shaker):

DC 24V 5A power supply ( make sure it supports and is set to 220V input before installing)



Timer relay for take-up wheel/duster motor:

If you want to separate your duster motor from the take up wheel delay timer, you can just add one of these in-line to the relay so it triggers this and allows the duster motor to run longer/shorter as needed per trigger cycle:


(Unauthorized modifications below)

Personally I modified mine. The original relay controls the takeup wheels/duster. The 2nd new relay I added controls the "shaker bar" so the slapper only runs when the takeup wheel runs., and for X time after the takeup wheel stops. I also used a third relay to control the duster so it can run longer/shorter. This basically allows separate timings, more silent operation, and more even powdering. Takeup wheel, powdering, slapping, all come on at the same time, takeup wheel goes off as normal, slapper goes off a few seconds later, duster goes off a few seconds after the shaker. this makes the entire setup fully adjustable so in any scneario I get the correct amount of everything I need for perfection.


I also again laser cut some acrylic to fit the end caps of the takeup wheels to prevent sideways movement of the film as it rolls up. 

I added a powder hopper box to the original powder hopper out of acrylic. It lets the machine run for 100+ minutes without any manual recycling. While there is a nice feature on fancy 24" shakers that recycles the powder for you, adding a small hopper to smaller units is a huge benefit for production I added a secondary pan under the OEM powder pan to catch powder when I am recycling the powder. No mess, no waste. No airborn particles or staticy powder.

I removed the film cooling fans entirely- was not needed due to the length of space from the film exiting the heating chamber to actually rolling up. Printing at 21+ 12" X 12" an hour ( 252 inches  of length an hour) it is cool before getting halfway there without the fans. Removed and stored away for easier access to load/unload rolls and to use the secondary film wheel when transitioning rolls. 


Overall it's a great machine and I will continue to post parts I run into that fail or are working unsatisfactory for my own reference and anyone else it may help. I would highly reccomend having some spare parts on hand for any shaker, the main failure points I have encountered and would recommend knowing the model number and keeping spares on hand: Duster motor and Relays. Any "original" component that failed, did so before any modification was made to that aspect. I.E, the duster motor. I added the new motor and hopper at the same time after the original failure.




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