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Heat press conversion to air/pneumatic. Manual press to semi automatic.

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So I have 4 good heat presses but over the years it has started to be a pain… literally. 

Pricing out air/pneumatic heat presses, the price isn’t terrible but when you have four heat presses already, it makes it much worse of a price. 

I have meant to do it for awhile and when I looked I couldn’t find anything on the subject. 

in my example my heat press is a magnetic auto-open press. The same could be done/added to a standard press without these features with minimal changes. Adding this has essentially bypassed the magnetic portion anyway. 

it’s not pretty but it works, maybe it’ll help give you an idea on how to proceed in your situation if you are in the same position. 

it was about $100 per heat press to add these, including the custom laser cut metal brackets. 

i don’t remember exactly off hand, I think the 16”x20” presses themselves were $700 delivered. 

i can post specifics or a part breakdown if anyone is interested. 



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