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UV ink care - L1800 print head


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What precautions do you take when using UV ink? What do you clean with? I've already lost two printheads using with little time of use even after removing the ink and doing several cleanings via software with alcohol and distilled water.
What do you do to clean and prevent nozzles from clogging?

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I do cleaning using distilled water only but nothing is wrong with my print head. I also did a very dangerous cleaning like I disassembled the printhead of one of my 1430. So, what I did is I removed the 3 screws that connects the upper and the lower part of the print head. After that, I separated the upper and the lower part and clean the upper part with syringe and distilled water to make sure, the tubes where ink suck from cartridges doesn't clogged with old ink. Then I put everything together, did another flush to make sure there's no clog and tried some print test and, it works very well. Prints are nice like a new print head 😀. My sample print is attached.


I don't suggest you to do the same thing because it is risky, but in my case based on my experience, as long as you don't mess with the electronics in the print head, I am fine.


P.S. The print head I used here used in different kind of ink, first is pigment ink, then UV ink (hard-type), and lastly DTF ink. The attached picture is a DTF print.


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