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Is this normal for DTG?

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Good evening, 


Would you consider this normal for a DTF print after washing? There are lines which are visible through the print but I think this is just the cotton lines from the t-shirt am I correct? If so I guess this is normal? (First three images all on a hundred percent cotton tee after washing) then as you can see from the fourth and fifth image this is on a hoodie after the second wash and the lines are a little bit more of a crinkle, what would you say could be done about this or am I overthinking and it's fine? Thinking maybe higher pressure and making sure the transfer is fully dry by heating it for 60 seconds by hovering the plates over it as well as a good pre press on the hoodie? I think the pressure was heavy anyways but maybe I can go more.





Hoodie images below:





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20 hours ago, treemasons said:

Plus I mean DTF sorry not DTG.

You should see the lines in the shirt in the transfer, that's normal. If you don't, you probably didn't press hard enough. If you kinda see them and kinda don't in some spots, your pressure is likely uneven when applying the transfer. The more pressure, generally the softer/more embedded it will be- given the transfer isn't adhesive heavy. 

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1 hour ago, treemasons said:

I understand thank you, what about this though where the lines are not vertical and just the fabrics lines? Fine on the tshirts I have done but this hoodie its a little more random and creased lines



I’m not really seeing it, just the fabric lines. It does look like little bubbles though which is bad. Not enough adhesive, or pressure, or heat, or time. If it’s thinner than 1-2mm before pressing then probably too little adhesive. 

hoodies usually need more adhesive, they are thicker so they also need more heat or longer time. 


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