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Purchased My First Epson P800! Need Help Converting

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21 hours ago, OB Apparel said:

Hello you all! 

I am honored and excited to be apart of OpenDTG!!! Just joined today and came in to become a family with you all who enjoy the things I enjoy and to get some assistance with converting my first Epson SureColor P800. 😁

Hi, welcome. 

What are you aiming to convert the P800 into?

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9 hours ago, OB Apparel said:

I was thinking DTG at first however Im looking for a more faster pace production due to me making custom apparel so DTF is what I’m aiming for 

The P800 can do roughly 10 regular sized prints an hour for DTF. 12”x12”. 

the 5-6 I had used the printheads would fail within 6-12 months. After everything I have done and experienced - I feel this is normal for any of them. Dampers need changed/flushed every 2 months as preventive care if you want the printhead to last that long. If you are well experienced it’s possible for it to last longer, but low quality ink ( even one time) or forcing head cleans instead of cleaning dampers will prematurely kill the printhead. 

other than that, pretty basic conversion. Make output tray, remove rollers, load ink and clean wiper daily, shake carts daily, print daily. 


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