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DTF 24 inch machine China-contact

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It’s always a gamble, even with someone who has been reliable for years otherwise. Not to be disheartened, but kinda the way large imports go, at least from my experience. 


 I have purchased 3 shakers and 2 printers overseas so far. All of them had minor to major discrepancies from overseas.

all of them had to have something fixed to work from the get-go before using them and have very poor support. They constantly need worked on anyway, so it’s not really that bad if you are experienced. 

On my own imports I spend hours asking for photos, videos, verifying what I see is exactly what I’ll get- a month later it’s an entirely different machine and they say “ oh well, new model”. It’s infuriating, yet they wrap themselves with various “ agreeements” that prevent you from getting it corrected, unless you find a loophole in their approach. This happened 3 times, once without a loophole to get it corrected. 

my point is it’s kind of always a shot in the dark, while I’m sure there are higher percentages of happy consumers from certain suppliers, there is always a risk. Even from reputable companies. 

if you buy one in the US, you have laws covering your purchase as well as warranties. Those import fees on large items are not overlooked, when you add in all that said and done delivered, I stick to already imported machines at this point. It’s not worth it to me personally. 

All said and done you can get what you need from the US for a couple thousand more with the guarantee and warranties. Sometimes not even that much more. I have definitely learned the savings are not worth it and turn out to not actually be savings, unless you are well versed in imports or use a broker. 


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