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Argura i3200 Printer Rip

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I am currently awaiting a shipment of the printer from this page: https://www.arguraprinttech.com.au/product/30cm-dtf-printer/

It is using Epson i3200 heads (x2), however I don't know much else about the printer itself. I've seen a similar looking model with various rebrandings by many Chinese sellers, but I don't know anything beyond what is on the page.

It comes with shitty Maintop Rip software, and I'll try to make do as best as I can, however I am wondering what is required (or if it is possible) to use an alternative RIP software. If it is possible, what do most people recommend as the best for DTF printing? In my other work I have dealt with Ergosoft which is clunky but flexible, but I don't know what is normally considered good for DTF.

Once I get a hold of the printer, is there anything else I can do to find out whether it will be compatible with another RIP software?

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