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  1. I have a similar problem amd no white prints. I load an rgb file but the rip says its cmyk and prints without white even though its selected. I load a cmyk file and the same happens If I load an old file that's rgb it prints perfect. They all print correctly on a different computer using the same software. I have tried a reinstall of the rip bit no difference.
  2. If it doesn't power on check the main power transistors as they usually blow.
  3. With the cartridges before you remove them put the bung in the air vent.
  4. Its normal for it to say it failed at about 98-99%. Check the firmware version using wic reset. You should find it has changed to the new firmware in which case run licence.exe and enter the unlock key
  5. I get all my firmware from chiplesssolutions.com
  6. Look for t3661 resetter you should see more results.
  7. Just an arduino and some relays to connect to the paper feed motor etc.
  8. I'm going to have to start playing with some ideas myself as I have plenty of printers now and growing weekly so its time to pull my finger out. So far there's 2x R3000, 3800, p600, p800, 3x L1800, 4x L805. I have ideas for similar to yours but keeping it as small as possible. Presumably some things would need lengthening depending on the printer as the L1800 is popular but very slow so a short run between the printer, powder and curing would be possible but for faster printers a longer run would be required so it has a larger heating area to make sure its done before leaving the heating area. Do you know if it makes any difference if cured from above or below?
  9. I'll look into this as I have code and connections to control the feed roller to position the film for the L1800 in roll mode but haven't built the printer yet.
  10. They get incredibly hot. I used to build powder coated head guards for reptile lamps and I tried one of these without a thermostat to see what would happen to the guard and the powder coating melted, the temperature was beyond the range of the thermometer I was using. I then built a larger oven for powder coating using these as the heat source.
  11. Yes there are plenty of plug/socket choices, even something as simple a the d type like the old serial ports which come in a range of pin numbers from 9 pin upwards. I'll look at that later and can just wire direct while testing and then see just how many wires there are. As for the trough heaters they usually last a very long time, I've never had to replace one yet and the newest one is getting on for 10 years. Usually its the thermostat that fails.
  12. You wilm find that if it has 5 ink channels there will be a standard black and a photo black. These usually share the same nozzles so couldn't be used with 1 black and 1 white. Also most white inks just about get by with 2 white channels and ideally 4 so even if it was possible the result would be bad.
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