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  1. ink flow is blocked at somewhere, may be catridges, ink lines, dampers, or maybe head could have goo inside and could need a flush. But when you are doing this everything have to be done at the same time, if something is dirty it will get the dirt into other clean parts anyways.
  2. How do we access to downloads section. I could not find it.
  3. Printhead itself may be stiffed. In that case ı manually flush printhead and printhead adaptor until it soften. But it is a risky process.
  4. There is gooed inks in in lines and dampers most likely. It causes bad nozzles and cross firing issues. That would be my guess.
  5. ink builds up in lines, without flushing them clear even if you replace dampers, they will go back to what they were before you replace them. Because dirty ink still coming from catridges and ink lines.
  6. Powder falls onto sensor, try to make a cover for the sensor. So powder would not build on it.
  7. Your ink assembly may need a flush and maybe some dampers need replacement.
  8. You may try to adjust printhead voltage in settings. Maybe it works with a bit low voltage for your ink. There is this setting in printexp. I dont know if all chinese rips have that setting.
  9. This one is audley. However older machines were have its problems. Newer models are always better. Maybe your old Audley were not perfected when you bought. I am going to get a diffirent brand 4 head machine in near future but even the manufacturer does not expect the speed i got out from this. They were telling me at 4 pass it was possible to get around 23 meters of speed max. I would not really prefer newer and cheaper manufacturers. Just go for %10 expensive from the guys who were manufacturing this kinda printers, also care if they were manufacturing sublimation printers before dtf was a thing. Audley have an experience with wide format sublimation units. I am telling you this because roll printing was a thing before and these printers were used for sublimation printing. So an ezperienced seller before the dtf time, would be better in my opinion. Cheaper options are newer to compete so i would not trust cheapest options nor printers other than 60 cm wide.
  10. No there is no re adjustments needed if you dont unscrew printheads etc. On back side there is a rod that adjusts, roll paper’s tension. If you dont have that your step settings going to vary depending on which meter of roll you are using. the video prints 56 cm width pdf, around 29 meters an hour. This is as i said prob. fastest speed possible. This is on Light ecolosion setting. Other one is on fog type ecolosion, this prints 18 meters. A better one is strong A but this one is unnecessary for me. Using these 2 settings with 4 pass. Ecolosion setting adjusts print height on a pass. It becomes larger or slower. On cadlink for epson printers it similar to inline speed.
  11. That is pretty slow. From what i see, even though all chinese machines uses same mainboard there are some other factors for a machine to be go fast. Chasis is very important. If quality is bad there, there will be more rattle and that effects prints at fast speeds. I saw too many printers. For example the older one of what i have was printing a bit off after 50 cm. And this was obvious at fast speeds. They have fixed that with new chasis. I guess that was CR motor not being able to catch up the speed it needed. Also manufacturer gave us a few newer mainboard software version, because at first printer would print grainy when we were trying to use it fast. They fixed this with software. Production quality is very important. Support is also important. So even they all are basicly same printers, small things make huge diffirence. All needs to be perfect to use machine at its highest capacity. And this speed is absolute max speed for i3200, because faster than this would not give correct colors because printheads cant put out enough ink at faster speeds.
  12. There is a ecolosion setting. That also effects the speed. Think this as inline speed in cadlink. And there is 4-6-8 pass settings, this is 1200x720 - 1800x720 - 2400x720. I never use anything other than 4 pass. Because the colors are always accurate and color layer quality is same. However on ecolosion’s fastest speed; white is a bit worse. If i need a better white i just change that and that gives me around 18 meters/hour. That is the slowest i go.
  13. 4 pass yes @johnson4 White is around %75 it is possible to throw more white in. check the video. Thou this is a lot of work really. To make this work this fast everything have to be adjusted well. IMG_3211.mov
  14. I get a 30 meters an hour from 2*i3200 printhead audley. With cadlink and color profile, also the film itself, you can have nonnplactic printouts. extra matte cold peel films specially, with profiled rip gives out a very nice printout while using printer at full speeds. However ink is also important i dont have any nozzles missing for about 8 months. So i can use printer reliably at high speeds and print quality never drops. My inks are a bit more watery so they dont block printheads easyly. Also on that part allignments of ink system and settings are very important on chinese machines. When i bought the machine it took me 1 month to perfect all settings.
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