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Auto On / Off UV Light for Printer


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I wanted to know what was the best way possible to have a UV light turn on when a printing job is sent and turn off once complete. (I have seen the modified Epson Chinese A3 UV printers do this)

I recently completed a UV build and I use a toggle currently.  I have seen on youtube led lights turned on & off with Raspberry Pi but I was unsure what parts and special coding would be needed with opendtg.

I am currently using the all in one board.  Thanks

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Depending on the current of the led's you are using you will probably need to have the switch operate a relay.

Another way is to connect the switch to an arduino and control the led with a mosfet which is simple to do at low cost and you could even add a  time delay before it turns off of a few seconds so it can cure the last bit of printing.

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If you simply want it on when the print head is moving and off when in the capping station you only need to add to the code a very basic few lines to define the pin for the switch and for the output pin to the mosfet then just to say if the switch pin is high mosfet pin high or if low mosfet pin low.

I would put it in the printing section of the code and also add a part for if the platen is ejected mosfet pin low so it's not on during head cleaning etc.

The only tricky part if using the aio board is finding where and how to connect the wires to the board.

Andy could hopefully say if there are any pins available on the board for the connections as I don't have one to look at.

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