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Hello, i have some problem, i dont know my printer why printing too transparent, i watched lot of video with acrorip settings i read some options i do everyone but nothing one day is working one day is not i put 2 images here one i orinted yesterday(good quality) and one today (bad quality too transparent and strips) IMG_20201219_192904.thumb.jpg.b37a992fffb512e5064de3822426492b.jpg


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1 hour ago, Szilardfeiszes said:

but yesterday was everything fine today again doing this, from one week doing this one day working good one day everything is shit 😂😂

Yea, that’s how everything is, isn’t it? Just some variable in the timing. Without proper maintenance, usage, high quality materials and experience your going to encounter these issues. Could be a $200 machine or a $40,000 machine, they all suffer from user error and mechanical issues all the same. 

Good luck! 

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