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acrorip v10 support XP 15000, P700, P900.

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4 hours ago, Chix22 said:

acrorip v10 supported XP 15000, P700, P900. Anyone here already convert these models to DTF printer, please advise and share your experiences? Thank you

the P700/P900 wouldn't be of any use yet, chipless or refillables haven't been made for them yet. 

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On 3/4/2021 at 2:12 PM, anum11 said:

Acrorip 10 is not supporting p700 not p900. There are chip resetters avaliable, possibly refillable catridges in 2 months. However Acrorip 10 is not from real owners of Acrorip i think

If you open acrorip com, supported printers, it says that they support p700 and p900 already

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