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Epson L800, L805 flatbed UV Printer


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Guys , I have developed emulators for epson L800,L805 printer , most of models works directly for uv/dtg printer very few modifications is required because they have separate motor for all the task we just have to emulate PE, but epson l805,l800 have single motor which drives APG,PE,PW,PAPER_FEED,CLEANING_PUMP,HEAD_LOCKING

And to make it flatbed we have to remove/cut that Paperfeed rod which is used to translate movement to APG,CLEANING_PUMP, HEAD_LOCKING

And thats make it difficult to convert it into flatbed but now it is possible...

pf-encoder will be seperate and arduino will provide all the sensor signal to epson,

Also for HEAD_LOCKING there is servo liver which will lock print head and open/close same as capping unit's liver opens/closes 

If Anyone is interested i will provide it for free(only for non commercial use) as it will be useful for someone to buit their own epson L805,L800 flatbed 

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