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How to synchronize the printing movement between the X and Y axes


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Hello, I have a question for the experienced in this field, I have a modified flatbed UV printer from the Epson 7880 printer, the X print width is 60cm and the Y print length is 250cm. I would like to modify this printer by installing the body of the UV printer Roll to Roll width of 160cm , I studied this in terms of installation and found it possible, but I want to make sure that the X Axis movement in the new printer can be linked to the Y Axis movement in the body of the old printer, i.e. Will I have a problem synchronizing the movement of the X Axis print with the movement of the Y Axis?
Is it possible to do this by connecting the two parts directly, or do I need an external part to create this sync?
Thanks in advance

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Thank you very much for the response, that my printer is already modified to flat, I am afraid that there will be a piece specialized in synchronizing the print head movement with the Y movement and therefore I am afraid that when I install the new printer with a larger width in place of the old one that I will fail to create the required synchronization between the movement Y and new printhead movement (X)

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if the old printer is something like 4880, when you put 7880 in it May still work with same snyc. Because they are similar and they use a lot of similar parts. if it is completely diffirent then you need to access code of your flatbed system to make y Axis step adjustments.

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