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Acrorip - What is the difference in Color / White Ink dot size?

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2 hours ago, WDeBlase said:

Acrorip - What is the difference in Color / White Ink dot size?


What do the different settings actually do?  Mix, Small, Medium, Large, Small + Medium , Medium + Large ????



Epson heads have variable droplet sizes. It’s just like in EKprint, light medium and heavy dot size. 

for DTG, medium was the normal/standard. Light is like next to no ink, and heavy hardly changes anything. 

if you take a microscope or loup and look closely at the prints, ( normal paper) you’ll see the ink dots will vary in size, or be the size you selected. 

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10 minutes ago, WDeBlase said:

So then in your opinion what should i have my color set to and what should my white be set to?

I've always used medium, I don't use Acro, But the implementation should be the same. Adjusting the amount of ink it puts down will matter more than the variable dot, Since your trying to achieve " on paper" a color by additive color dots. With DTF or DTG, This gets soaked into/blended together on the substrate since usually both methods almost " flood" the surface, making those variable dots almost pointless in my opinion. I just set mine to medium, change my ink settings to fit, print and press. light puts down wayyy too light of an ink, and Heavy doesn't do much, Except put more stress/voltage on the peizohead possibly creating more heat and power requirements, in my opinion. But, Honestly, I have no idea. Medium has always just been what worked well without any issues, so that's what I use. 

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What you set white DOT size does not matter except if you go larger, you get more white ink. So it is only good for if %200 white is not enough for you.

For color DOT size if you go small or medium instead of mix, you get less ink however you can go up to %200 for ink limit and that May be enpugh on CMYK. What advantage comes from this, if you go smaller DOT size on CMYK you cab print more details.

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