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waves and ripples in the print

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Are those prints made after ink shaking and head cleaning? Only times I've seen similar reults was when I had clogs in some colors.
Personally, to be sure everything is ok, in the morning I try to print the attached file, 2 per row (height is just 2cm, I'm unsing roll feed). In order to see well if there's any problem (especially with white) I actually print it WITHOUT the "print color first" option on, so it's pretty clear if a clean is needed and/or which color/area gives issues, like this:


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14 hours ago, Bobbert said:

I have recently purchased an Epson l1800 dtf build and I am running into a problem on the left sides of my prints. The colors seem to be week and mixed when they should be solid. Any one have any idea what could be causing it?978199006_20220115_1811371.thumb.jpg.6026960ca34d651b69511b310eb40415.jpg


That usually means you use too much ink for your pet film so your CMYK dont get dry fast and mixed with white on pet film. Possible solutions:

1- buy better pet film, if not solved,

2- buy better ink



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