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Epson XP 15000 Print Horror


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hi, I bought a new Epson XP 15000 and I just can't get the printer to run as dtf. I'm really desperate, I've invested a lot of money and time in the whole thing :(. The printer prints neither white nor color properly. Very strange print image. I don't know what to do, can someone please help me? acrorip 10.3, that first picture I set 180 nozzels the other 90 nozzels, I thought maybe that would help but again just wasted ink, time and film. I'm already very grateful for the help. Excuse my bad English. Thank you very much. 



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8 minutes ago, newintown said:


the first picture was 90 nozzels 100% white 40% color.  the second picture was 180 nozzles 50 white 25% color.  I've tried everything possible, as soon as I go over 60% color everything just runs.

Yea, that’s normal. That’s too much ink. I don’t remember what they were in this printer, but a p800 is 17 percent white and color at that resolution. Much more, I run into this issue too. 

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