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Pale Print XP-15000 Acrorip with white


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I have a problem with the xp-15000 printer. When printing an overprint without white color on a plate, the colors are intense and when heated, the print itself looks very good. If it prints with white, the print is faint before being covered with white ink. Do you have any proven program settings? I used the YT settings, but these did not look good after heating up.





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likely too much white, and the white ink has seperated become watery. Each brand of film can handle different amounts of ink I've found. 


Start low, then go up. Do white only small square print at 10 percent, and go up by 10 percent until you see a nice solid layer of white. Use that percentage then trial and error. 


I dont remember exactly, but I feel like I was around 30-40 percent white on the 15000. On the P800 at 1440x1440, I run the white at 17 percent in acro. 

My color was about the same. It's too much white ink and or seperated white ink. 

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On 3/17/2022 at 11:27 AM, Lenad said:

No major changes White and color:1440x1440, drop size medium+large for white and color, color 70%, white 60% 


Colors seems diffirent than first picture you sent. If this is intentional, i would look up to driver of xp-15000 for Color correction. Also work on rip software to adjust colors.

If you put too much white ink it could be mixing with your colors too. If that is the case either lower your white or buy a better ink drying film.

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