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DTF inks not drying on Tshirts

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Hi recently we have been running into an issue of dtf inks not drying on t-shirts. Specially on black prints, requiring additional 3-4 press (which in some cases helps drying up while some dont)
The print can be smudge with a piece of cloth after doing a double press. While both at luke warm and cold state of the print on the tshirt.

The issue started 1-2days back, We already had done some of the process below to identify the issues (unsuccessful).
1) change the inks (white and colored) completely.
2) used a different powder.
3) Tried different temperature of curing (oven 100-150 Celcius).
We had no problem doing a double press for our previous tshirts and no pre heating of tshirts. We keep at least 30-60 seconds before putting in the powder.

I have been reading the forum posts and keep reading about static and moisture, is that causing the issue (if so how do I solve that issue)?
or is it an ink, powder or film issue (have not tried a new film)?
We have a chinese 24inch dtf printer, while the film is a roll.

Thankyou for any responses

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Just on a side note: Our AC is not working for a few days now and the weather has changed drastically been raining for a 2 days now. Just ordered a humidifier, been reading and watching more videos about it now.
Should I also look at some other stuffs aside from humidity ?
What else could be causing the issue.

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