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A curiosity about long term storage

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Hello World!

Well, I assume I'm directly talking to johnson4 here, as I was looking at info in this forum that looks... strange.

I'm talking about proper way to put the printer on hold.
I found this thread on the matter: https://www.opendtg.com/topic/2677-storing-printer-for-long-term-storage/
In there you wrote:


I just flush everything really well and leave the cleaner carts in place. clean the wiper and cap really well. Wet cap and store. I’ve used machines that have sat idle over a year like this without any issues. Just make sure you use something with a wetting agent or something that won’t freeze or dry out.

Ok, so it sounds like you have carts filled with cleaning solution and you replace the ink ones with them. As cloggin can happen also inside the printhead, I assume you also perform a printhead cleaning while those carts are in? That would sonds logical to prevent ink from clogging right within the printhead.

However, in our thread about my latest issue (here) you had this one:


once the head experiencing clogging, ( inside or out) and it isn’t broken down and remedied immediately it will permanently damage your printhead. I’m not familiar with that cleaner, but I know first hand Epson branded cleaner can and will destroy a printhead in less than 10 minutes. I’ve done it myself, it’s actually my example mentioned previously about it sticking to the printhead. 

So here the advice seems to be to really NOT NOT NOT let cleaner liquids stay idle into the printhead.

And that's why I'm confused. At the very end, what would the best practice be? Just flush the lines and leave the ink in the printhead, or flush the printhead too with cleaning liquid which essentially means to leave the liquid inside the printhead?

I might assume there's perhaps some other liquid (someone talks about "moisturizing solution") that's meant for this purpose, but here things are even more obscure.
When I hear about "cleaners" or "solutions" no one really know what they actually are. I do have to different "cleaning solutions" in here, and they're simply named... "cleaning solution".
One has no smell, the other one smells like a detergent. But zero clues of what they actually are.

Thanks in advance for any help in trying to clarify the issue!

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