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DTF Printhead Clogged (Magenta Only)

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I have an epson xp-15000 converted to DTF worked flawlessly for a while and then I went on vacation for about a month. I swapped out my regular refillable carts for cartridges with cleaning solution in them and ran about 3 head cleans to try and flush out all the ink. I did a nozzle check and confirmed that no ink got on the page. Then I wet capped the sponge and put plugs in the cartridge vents to seal it all up unplugged it and everything. 

Well needless to say when i got back there was ink all in the bottom of the cleaning carts like it sucked it up. I swapped back in the ink carts and did about 3-5 more head cleans until it said the head needs to be serviced. The nozzle check came out fine except for the magenta ink will not print out at all. I even did a test print and everything prints except red colors. I assumed it was a complete nozzle clog so i removed the head from the printer. 

Heres what i tried so far:

used printhead cleaning solution from DTF Superstore

used clog buster (pink stuff) from DTF Superstore

Soaked the entire printhead in solution of 50% distilled water and 50% of isopropyl alcohol rated 91% for 24 hours. 

scrubbed the silver screens with a soft bristle toothbrush. 


I cannot get one drop of magenta ink through the head and cant do the waterfall method because of the stupid metal screens. 

I am at a loss for what to do next other than replacing the entire print head from ebay its $125 and 3 weeks shipping time from china. I was considering ultrasonic cleaning but i don't have one of those and it would be almost as much as a new printhead. 


any suggestions I haven't tried? 

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