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epson 4900 troubleshooting

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We bought 3 months ago this printer everything went fine untill now , recently we changed the ink pump assy ( the whole capping station ) after that everything went fine again but couple of days some of my white went so changed the dampers( i ordered dx6 dampers from digiprint) now my white wont want to print , the head is 100% not blocked because after ink charges the whites come back but after a half a3 sheet the white will be disappear again , we changed back the old dampers but still same issue , the colors on nozzle check is 100% so i dont think its a capping station problem , but i dont know what can be the problem any ideas ?

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ink flow is blocked at somewhere, may be catridges, ink lines, dampers, or maybe head could have goo inside and could need a flush. But when you are doing this everything have to be done at the same time, if something is dirty it will get the dirt into other clean parts anyways.

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