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White Empty Print Error

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Im new to DTF, have done dtg before so familiar with Acrorip.

When i go to print an error comes up in Acrorip with Print Error: WHITE (EMPTY). New chip-less cartridges. 

It is also smudging the the ink at the end of the print, do you think that is because the front assembly was taken out with the rollers

and its now un-level and flicking the last bit of the page up to hit against the cartridge carriage.

Any ideas and suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.


Chevelle xx

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On 4/24/2022 at 2:38 AM, anum11 said:

You are trying to print only white image on color+white mode.

untick boxes Make color copies 0, white copies 1 then print.


I recently got the same Error message, but except from saying white mine is Print error: Color (EMPTY).

I have plenty of ink on all my cartridges some im unsure while this error still comes out.

I own a ACHI DTF Epson E1390 Printer

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a similar problem amd no white prints.

I load an rgb file but the rip says its cmyk and prints without white even though its selected.

I load a cmyk file and the same happens

If I load an old file that's rgb it prints perfect.

They all print correctly on a different computer using the same software.

I have tried a reinstall of the rip bit no difference. 

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If you are printing all white with no black outline or any other color than you need to make sure when you press print and screen pops up that box print color first and white+color are unchecked and left blank as well as the copies under color setting. Than you will be able to print just fine. All of these settings are in the box that pops up when you click print. Hope this helps


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