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XP600 head, white ink sprinkles creating little dots around letters

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I have double XP600 DTF printer, and have this problem now.

- white ink like sprinkles and creates a lot of little dots around the print, it gets even under the metal holding plates as you can see on the foto.

- they have changed dumpers, head and filter but still have this problem.

- the nozzle is almost perfect but not 100% perfect even with new head

- right after cleaning it is almost ok then it is getting worse while printing.



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I have changed the ink tank in December and dampers last weekend. 

Do you think that cleaning ink tubes could help ? The machine is like 6 months old.

Also, it is getting lot better after like 2-3 hours of printing, then cleaning and it is almost ok. Maybe some enviromental issue ? 

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1 hour ago, Jan said:

What do you meen keep it off, turn off the white ink circulation ? Why do you think it could be causing this problem ?

If you have a positive pressure from a  faulty or poorly designed ink system, it can cause the printhead to do that. 

the recirculating pump turning on while printing can do this if designed poorly. But leaky dampers or just an overall too high of a positive pressure can do it. 

in my experience, it also can be caused by deflection. Nozzles that don’t spray perfectly downward- easily noticed on a nozzle check. This is mainly from  dirty head or partial clogs that are not full clogs. Deflection is always seen on a nozzle check. 

if nozzle checks are perfect( may or may not have stray dots, doesn’t matter as long as check is good), another cause for this I have seen is dirty electric. 

Either from the power supply in the machine, or on the same circuit the machine is plugged into. Interference from a nearby device. 


so- if your nozzle check comes out good, ( with or without stray dots- as long as all nozzles are straight and in place) then it could likely be the power supply. Try turning off any “ noisy” devices on the circuit, or simply to test turn off everything and run only the printer to test. 

if you are using an uninterruptible backup power supply or any type of power converter, bypass them and test the machine. 


I have witnessed and experienced all first hand.

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Thank you very much for your help.

So far I tried:

- changed head

- changed dampers

- changed filter in white circulation system.

- change ink, material just in case

- turned off white ink circulation

- changed white container (which has stirring)


The nozzle is not perfect even with new head, but it seems that for this particular problem it doesn't matter, sometimes the nozzlecheck is better but the problem is worse and vice versa - but I understand that there has to be some problem if the nozzle is not ok with new head.

The machine is about 7 months old and it was always running with no problems.


What I have not tried yet, is clean white tubes and change the feeder tank which is right before the dampers - could this help ? Should I do this ? And if yes how often ?


But, the problem is not constantly same, for example yesterday, in the morning it was almost good, just small amount of dots around, then it got much worse with a lot of dots, I tried one strong cleaning and one normal cleaning right after the strong one and then suddenly it was perfect 100% clean for the rest of the day, several hours of printing. Today almost perfect but not as yesterday, tried the same cleanings but it doesn't do much difference.






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Every 3 months you gotta clean tubes and dampers. If a damper is bad then change it. If you dont want to risk it just change dampers every time you open for tube cleaning. 

The way i do, unscrew damper assembly, get hose to a container then push hot water from where you put catridges. I push water until i see clean water comes out of the other side.

Then open damper assembly change dampers and clean damper adapter with hot water again.

If you wanna clean dampers, push your fingers to circles then push water with syringe. Do this until they are clean, if they leak or if you see particles that dont go, replace them.


also check catridges, if they dont give ink flow well clear or replace them. Do these at the same time.

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