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Overspraying white around prints - please help me troubleshoot this

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I hope whoever sees this reads my whole post because on all of the Facebook groups, they seem to ignore everything and just keep telling me "humidity" or "bad film". 

I'm basically getting white overspray around my prints. Attached has no powder on it. This is how it looked straight out of the printer. 

- I use an XP-15000 - an older and brand new one still have this problem
- humidity is around 50% consistently. This happens in other humidity levels anywhere from 40% to 60%.
- I've used 8 different films - from DTF Superstore and other well known suppliers.
- I have NO semi transparent pixels. I make sure of this and it happens randomly to images I frequently print.
- Running 2 head cleans seems to fix it temporarily, but begins happening again a few prints later.
- Pressing twice SEEMS to look better but after washing the shirt, the excess powder shows and looks like a mess.
- I currently use Cendale Inks from Amazon and I don't know if this is the main issue or not, I can't remember if I had this issue with other inks previously.

If anyone has any idea what could be causing this, please help me out here. 


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